Necron Emisarkh

Artist: Thomas Mack
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Aug 28, 2018

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Necrons Artwork
Necron Emisarkh by Thomas Mack

Fan Concept for Warhammer 40,000

Necron Emisarkh

A variant of the Pariahs seen in 3rd Edition, an Emisarkh is molded from nulls of a skilled or learned position, such as scholars, scriptarii or explorators. As nulls themselves are incredibly rare, this makes the Emisarkh class functionally one of the rarest. A more ‘diplomatic’ Phaeron, interested in reforging their forgotten empire, may choose to visit the controversial technique of Pariahdom upon these capable nulls and make them their envoy to the still living populaces of worlds once their own. Their own knowledge base and familiarity with the languages of lesser species makes them ideal for this function, keeping most of their mental faculties and free will. However, programming renders them unable to turn against their Phaeron. The Emisarkh appears before the population of living chattel, bringing the wonderful news of reassigned servitude. Though ultimately, there is no choice for them to make.

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