No Traces of the Vanished

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Jan 14, 2023

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No Traces of the Vanished by Alex McClelland

No traces of the vanished

The description of events being relayed to Captain Alric by the Commissar was unsettling to say the least. The mining planet Falren was deep in the dark corners of the Monrova system – a background cog to a great, rumbling machine. So easy it is to forget. Contact with mining crews assembled across the quarry zones had at one time been as regular as clockwork, but of recent times it had been whittled down to sporadic data exchanges before finally being punctuated by unbroken silence. Drone cargo haulers had once been a perpetual presence within the system network, but even the pinging of their location had ceased. The gradual cessation of the ‘norm’ would eventually trigger an interest from the eagles eyes and as such be met by Imperial attention.

The Pallivar Sentinels Imperial Guard were first to arrive in system. Reconnaissance scans across the planets surface failed to provide any information. Falren had seemingly gone entirely dark. Commissar Rourk had ordered landfall with several scouting teams deployed at the smaller quarry regions, with the belief that quick moving foot patrols would be best suited for manual intel gathering. Not only did the scouting teams fail to find anything of substance, they failed to return at all.

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