Sevatarion Terminator Armor

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Sevatarion Terminator Armor

Sevatarion terminator armor (commission)

Genesh was in the middle of formulating a response when an electric buzz blared from the bridge voxnet. A burst of intense cold preceded a thunderclap of displaced air.

Three Atramentar stood in a haze of dispersing corposant, weapons raised.

‘Why is this ship not firing?’ said the lead. Genesh recognised him immediately.

‘Lord Captain Sevatar,’ she said in relief. ‘Thank Terra you are here. I have a mutiny on my hands.’

‘Unfortunately for you,’ said Sevatar. A single bolt from his gun blasted Genesh apart. ‘You are relieved of command. Does anyone else have anything stupid to say that warrants an answer from my boltgun?’ He and his warriors panned their weapons across the crew. ‘You,’ Sevatar demanded of Ilthen. ‘Why did you not prevent this?’

Ilthen’s ruby eye lenses danced with the reflected light of hundreds of detonations blooming across the cloudy orb of Nostramo.

He stared back at Sevatar for a long time.

‘Because it is wrong,’ said Ilthen, going for his gun.

Sevatar opened fire. His first three mass-reactives hammered into Ilthen’s chest-plate, detonating without penetration. Ilthen’s aim was thrown wide, spraying out half a magazine of shots into the bridge. Sevatar’s fourth bolt punched clean through the centre of his chest, obliterating both his hearts and killing him instantly.

Silence fell for a fraction of a second. Sevatar saw the armsmen’s intentions to fire before they knew they were going to do it themselves.

‘That is a regrettable move,’ he said.

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