Sister of Battle Constance Requia

Mar 29, 2021 | Adepta Sororitas | 0 comments

Sister of Battle Constance Requia

A warhammer 40k Fan art illustration of a made up Sister of battle. Called Constance Requia , a champion and paladin of the Order of the martyred Lady 😊.

This illutration was done during my Saturday’s streams that you can join and watch live both on Youtube, and Facebook. Look for Miguel Iglesias art wink

The main motivation and goal for creating this character was to do some fan art of the adeptus sororitas that shows them as the true bad ass hardened warriors they are, as opposed to this new fan art trend representing them as sexualised and almost anime like teen girls.

This character, Constance is supposed to be a confident warrior and figure in the order, more as a raw model for the novices to aspire to. She is veteran of dozens of campaigns and an extreme skillful sword master duelist.

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