Battle Titans

The Reaver-class Titan is a medium-sized Titan and the smallest of the classes of Battle Titans. They are considerably more durable than Warhounds, and are able to take roughly twice as much damage before succumbing. This extra durability is probably a result of the unusual placement of the Titan’s plasma generator on the back of the main carapace, whereas in most Titans the generator is located at the core, hence the term “power core.” This placement ensures that the Reaver Titan can take more frontal damage than other Titans of the same approximate class, but is at a severe disadvantage when in cluttered environments (cities or canyons).


The Siege Of Terra: Mortis

The Siege Of Terra: Mortis

Just received my hardback copy of “Siege of Terra: Mortis” - cover by me, written by @johnshfrench, with internal art by Mikhail Savier and all...

Space Marines Vs Aliens

Calling this one "done!" I might revisit in the future to add color, but I think it's where it needs to be for the time being.

Wh30K: Imperious Dominatus

Commission work. Loyal Imperial Fists and heretic Death Guard battle it out. This was done as a cover image for a fan-produced Epic supplement.

The Emperor of Mankind

Interior art for" Warhammer 40,000 6th edition rule book". I leaped at the chance to paint this, tried to draw on all the art that was done of...

For The Emporer

This one took awhile to finish. I started out modelling a single Space Marine and rigged him so that i could pose him i various positions. After...

Sons of the Horus Heresy

Promopicture for the Doom of Sevarus Prime project. The Doom of Sevarus Prime is a inofficial Warhammer 40.000 Campaign project. For more...

In The Emperors Light

The Grey Knights combat the daemonic forces of Khorne during the First War for Armageddon