Emperor’s Children

The Emperor’s Children, also sometimes known after their fall as the Lords of Profligacy, are a Traitor Legion of Chaos Space Marines who devote themselves solely to the service of the Chaos God Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure, though they were originally the Imperium of Man‘s proud IIIrd Legion of Astartes. The Emperor’s Children was the only Space Marine Legion to bear the Emperor’s own name and His own icon — the Palatine Aquila — granted to them by His hand as a symbol of the Legion’s martial perfection. Few were ever so honoured amongst the ancient Space Marine Legions and given less cause to betray the Master of Mankind than the Emperor’s Children.


Lucius the Eternal

Lucius the Eternal

Fan art of Lucius the Eternal, a really naughty boi, Chaos Champion of Slaanesh.



Here's my finished Fulgrim, primarch of the Emperor's Children. Tribute to one of my favorite Horus Heresy novels, "Fulgrim" by Graham McNeill....

Fulgrim The Phoenician

Fan art of Fulgrim during the great crusade era. The flamboyant Primarch of the Emperor's Children who eventually turned traitor and servant of...


A noise marine painted in between commissions, taken in a cult movie body horror direction with films such as Hellraiser, From Beyond and The...


Lucius the Eternal fanart (genderBender)

Slaanesh Reiver

An ex-Carcharodon recently turned to the worship of Slaanesh

Mandragore Carrion

Mandragore Carrion is a chaos space marine character from the book called EISENHORN by Dan Abnett

Fabius Bile : Manflayer

Cover art for Fabius bile book 3 Manflayer done for the awesome peeps at black library © GamesWorkshop

Slaanesh Sniper

This is the final* cult chaos sniper of the warhammer 40k univers I will design. The emperor's children, dedicated to slaanesh and an artist with...