A Hellion is a member of one of the vicious airborne skimmer gangs to be found in the Drukhari city of Commorragh. They are often used by Drukhari Kabals on raids as a form of jump infantry. The tortured skies of Commorragh are warzones as perilous as its xenos-riddled ghettos and its noble-ruled spires. Through the mists soar arrogant lords and winged hunters seeking the next kill.


Litanies of the Lost

Litanies of the Lost

Warhammer 40k cover artwork – Litanies of the Lost. Inofficial title: Hard day. More...

The Fight for Ilmaeas

That is a moment from a book "Path of the Incubus." Archon Yllithian and his Kabal of the White Flames was been sent by Asdrubael Vect to conquer...