Howling Banshees

The Howling Banshees are the all-female Aeldari Aspect Warriors who specialise in highly mobile melee combat and represent the Aeldari War God Khaela Mensha Khaine’s ability to instill fear in his foes. The banshee is a harbinger of woe in Aeldari Mythology. It is fitting that these most feared of all the Aeldari Aspect Warriors draw their inspiration from this creature. These lightly-equipped warrior-women are fearsome melee combat specialists who draw their inspiration from the unearthly creature with which they share a name.


Catherine and Bethrie

Catherine and Bethrie

A piece I did some time ago for SeraphCath - Sister Catherine Vael and her adjutant Bethrie Rosethorn, clearing the city.



Wh40k commission of custom banshee exarch

Howling banshee

Howling Banshee

I love the Howling Banshees. A gorgeous combination of elegance and deadly precision. Awesome concept to work from. Thought I'd have a play with...

40K Tribute

Old, extremely fun practice. Lelith Hesperax, Jain Zar, Shadowsun... more to come when there's time

Farewell to Arms

This came out fairly quickly between more complicated work, hence all the roughness and stuff. Fanart to Warhammer 40K, dedicated to eternal...

Eldar Howling Banshee Tarot v2

Remake of the last year's (OMG-what-a-horrible!) picture that I have done for the 'Eldar Tarot' contest. Still wondering how did I manage to show...

Dawn of War III #2

Cover for the comics "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III #2" © Titan Comics © Games Workshop