Malanthropes Artwork

The Malanthrope (Tyranicus cadavi terriblis) is a Tyranid support bioform tasked with collecting new genetic material for a hive fleet to create new bioforms from or to use in genetically adapting the capabilities of existing bioforms. A rarely seen Tyranid bioform, the Malanthrope’s existence has only recently been discovered by the Imperium of Man. For a long time the Malanthrope was a complete mystery to Imperial forces because the creature’s purpose meant that it only followed in the wake of a successful Tyranid swarm attack. Few Imperial troops survived long enough in these situations to witness a Malanthrope at work or, if the Tyranid swarm had been successfully repulsed, no Malanthropes would appear.

Scavenging Malanthrope

Scavenging Malanthrope

MTG x 40k - Scavenging Malanthrope Illustration done for the Magic Beyond set with Warhammer 40k. AD: Ovidio Cartagena

Malanthrope and Rippers

An illustration for the recently released The Jericho Crusade adventure for Fantasy Flight Game's Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch release.