Monsters, the things of nightmares are common in Warhammer 40K. This is a collection of artwork that has them featured or in the work.

Sun Scorpion Terminator

Sun Scorpion Terminator

A portfolio piece where I pushed my physical airbrushing skills, you know, with the ol' air compressor and everything. Trying to get those...



Warhammer 40k - Thornmaw Illustration, that I did for the Warhammer 40K - Rogue Trader Book (RT11) Property of Fantasy Flight Games, Gamers...

The Irondrakes

The Irondrakes

A really fun private commission for a Fan-made Irondrakes Legion. Primarch Aragorn and his massive Drake companion Ignis lay waste to the...



Commission for

Jorth Slither Necromunda

There are many things in the underhives of Necromunda that are determental to ones health. Jorth Slither encountered one of them, a pool of radio...

Khorne Skull Hunter

Hey all! I finally took some time to finish this guy. A little while ago I wanted to design some Chaos space marine snipers from the warhammer...

Space Marines Vs Aliens

Calling this one "done!" I might revisit in the future to add color, but I think it's where it needs to be for the time being.

Lion El’Jonson Returns

A re-imagining of the Dark angels primarch model for current 40k. Flanked by twin Calibanite lions.

Emperors Champion

Finally got this done, but I learnt a lot painting this. Hope WH40k fans out there like it!

Disastrous Wave

The Legion of Space Marines dies in the waves of the ocean of Artrusse.

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch

A page from Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch published by Titan Comics under Games Workshop license. Soon to be found in trade paperback so don't...

Chaos Thrall Giant

A fan-concept for the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marine legion from Warhammer 40,000. The Word Bearers legion are fanatical chaos worshipers, and...

The Confrontation

Heh, that day has come... I dunno what I can say XD I spent for that so much time.. It's my first so great work. I never draw such as before,...


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