Plaguebearers are the footsoldiers of Nurgle’s daemonic legions. These loathsome creatures are crafted from the blighted souls of mortals who have been slain by the virulent plague known as Nurgle’s Rot. These Lesser Daemons of the Lord of Decay are shambling, pustulent creatures. Plaguebearers have gangling, bony limbs, their bodies swollen with decay, so much so that glistening innards are exposed through rents in their skin.


Brothers of Faith

Brothers of Faith

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Dark Imperium: Plague War

Dark Imperium: Plague War

A cover for the second book in the revised trilogy of Dark Imperium by Guy Haley © Copyright Games Workshop LTD...

Forge World - Chaos Plague Bearer

Forge World – Chaos Plague Bearer

This character I did over twenty years ago. He was one of the first things I ever sculpted, so he's pretty rough around the edges. He was great...

Nurgle Host

Fan art of Warhammer 40k universe. Personal piece.

Saint Celestine

Copyrights Games Workshop PLC Cover art for the novel "Celestine the Living Saint" by Andy Clark. Really fortunate to be working on this one. The...


Games-workshop The Tallyman for Codex eathguard

The March of the Knights

Copyrights Games Workshop PLC Double page spread art for Codex: Imperial Knights. The knights of 40k presents a unique challenge of it's own,...

Plague Demon

Revisiting old sketches is not really something I do as much as I should.