Trygons Artwork

A Trygon is a species of Tyranid that is similar to the smaller Ravener and often leads their hordes into battle. It creates huge burrows to tunnel behind enemy lines and uses its acute senses to detect the prescence of enemies above it. It is a deadly close combat specialist making use of six clawed arms, razor sharp teeth and a bio-electric field that flows through its armour and can incapacitate attacking enemies. It is also a very good stealth operative for the Tyranids, popping up behind enemies and slaughtering them where they stand.



Warhammer 40k : Battlesector Character Portraits AD: Anthony Carriero Not my usual area of play, yet Blacklab Games challenged me with the...


Really happy to show this one. wanted to show another of my Emperor's Dragons, this time in battle against a monstrous foe!


The Tyranids Trygon. made in photoshop. Edit: made spacemarine bit smaler so Trygon looks bigger. Enjoy!


resubmitting this in the hope it will load for everyone this time.

Shield of Baal, Exterminatus

One more piece I did for the Games Workshop´s "Shield of Baal, Exterminatus". Flesh teaters space Marines charge!

The Tyranid Outcast

The origin of Ymgarl is a mystery, the reason for its lost of psychic link to hive is also unknown. Makes me wonder what made the hive mind...

Trygon vs Space Wolves

Here a Trygon has sprung a subterranean surprise attack upon a patrol of Space wolves in the mountains surrounding their mountain fortress. The...

Greatness Devoured

Colored up the Necrons laying down the law to some uppity Tyranids. Original artist is Dave Gallagher.

Vengeance: Trygon vs Ultramarine

Vengeance: Trygon vs Ultramarine

Vengeance: Trygon vs Ultramarine An illustration for Fantasy Flight Games' soon to be released expansion for their Warhammer 40,000: Conquest...