The battle of Hades Hive

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Apr 22, 2023

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The battle of Hades Hive by Thibault Ollier

The battle of Hades Hive, the duel between Yarrick and the ork Ulgahad.


I dropped the sword and seized the huge skull. I carried it to the edge of the parapet. Now I held my trophy high, brandishing it before the orks. ‘I am Yarrick!’ I shouted in the greenskins’ barbaric tongue. ‘I look upon you and you die!’ And then in cleansing Gothic, I howled my defiance of the great enemy. ‘Do you see, Ghazghkull Thraka? Hades will never be yours! Armageddon will never be yours! Here is where we stop you! Here is where you fail!’ I hurled Ugulhard’s head from the wall. The orks cried out. And they turned. And they fled. And then, at last, I let the dark come.

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