The Headhunters

Artist: Aaron Oborn

Feb 12, 2021 | Space Marines | 2 comments

The Headhunters

Custom Space Marine Chapter I painted up for a facebook page about a custom chapter called the Headhunters. The Headhunters’s Chapter master can be seen here leading his fellow Space marine brothers and a attachment of imperial guardsmen across the frozen plains of some backwater world. The Chapter master himself is an immense character standing much taller and larger then most space marines. He is so large he has had custom Terminator armor constructed as most other armor does not fit him. Hope you like it.

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Unknown Artist: Need Help!

Hey, I'm trying to find the artist of this work. If you know who its from or an idea, please send me a message. If you know their website or portfolio, that would be awesome.
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  1. Chapter Master Matt

    Thank you for doing this wonderful work to show off the Headhunters! I still have army and love playing them!

    • 40K Gallery

      Thank you for the comment but I’m not the artist. I have a link to their portfolio below the art and I’m sure they would love to hear that feedback.


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