Trials of Draigo – Reforging the Titansword

Dec 21, 2020 | Daemons, Space Marines | 0 comments

Trials of Draigo – Reforging the Titansword

“Atop the Blood Falls, where the acrid ichor of Khorn’e fallen champions tumbles endlessly into the void, Draigo slew the great Bloodthirster Kar’Voth. With cleansing fire he drove the demonic taint from the beast’s great axe, and used the molten remains to reforge his sword, sundered in battle with M’Kar the Reborn so long ago.”

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Unknown Artist: Need Help!

Hey, I'm trying to find the artist of this work. If you know who its from or an idea, please send me a message. If you know their website or portfolio, that would be awesome.
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