Tunnel Action

Artist: Boris Tsui

Jan 25, 2021 | Space Marines | 0 comments

Tunnel Action

While on holiday in Hong Kong, I had been done some sketches of terminators. This image was one of those sketches taken to a more complete stage. It kind of difficult to find things to add to terminator armour to make it fit more with the more “tacticool” styling of the Raptors space marine I did a while ago. Terminator armour just doesn’t need much more additional equipment for clearing tunnels. I used blender to help sketch out a large part of the background as well as provide a lighting set up for the rest of the image.

Inspiration Credits: The battle damage is inspired by the “Sons of Wrath” piece by ukitakumuki did for the Black Library e-book of the same name. I also referenced images of molten rock for the effect.

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