Artist: Josh Stoneley

This is a personal project – my own take on one of my favourite characters from the Warhammer universe, Typhus the Traveller.

My goal with this project was to practice with and improve my use of the latest suite of ZBrush hard surface tools. I tasked myself with completing the whole modelling process for this project without leaving ZBrush, (which I achieved) and my knowledge of the tools available and the different methods to create hard surface models in ZBrush has been greatly improved.

I retopologized and unwrapped this model using a mixture of Zbrush and Maya, whilst the bake and texturing was carried out in Adobe Substance 3D Painter. I then rendered it out using Marmoset Toolbag 4 and comped in Photoshop. This is intended to be a ‘next-gen’ real time character although falls under 300k tris so with a little more attention to optimization could easily be current gen ready – I wanted to keep a nice silhouette for this as it’s a portfolio piece (as well as save some time) so purposefully didn’t crunch it down too much.

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