Ultramarine vs Sons of Horus

Artist: Daniel Rosa Tauroni
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Apr 27, 2023
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Ultramarine vs Sons of Horus

Ultramarine vs Sons of Horus

Damn, this last 6 months have been so busy that I completely forgot to post this commission I finished in October for a raffle @engineer_red_ run in his discord… IN AUGUST!

Anyway, better late than never as they say, here you have another #duel , this time between an #ultramarine #company #champion with a classic #chainsawblade and a #sonsofhorus #veteran #sargent with an always handy #powerfist

Really enjoyed playing with more extreme action poses on this one, and seeing how dynamic was I able to draw them while maintaining some believability of movement with their bulky armours

Hope you like it!

And remember that crits and comments are always welcome!!!

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