Warhammer 40K Primaris Captain vs. Plague Marine

Warhammer 40K Primaris Captain vs. Plague Marine

We all know Warhammer 40K is the best sci-fi out there wink I love the designs in the 8th edition, so here’s a lil’ tribute/fanart.

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Black Templars

Started this thing years ago and left it alone for long periods of time. There are parts that could use refinement but I'm pretty sick of looking at the thing, so I'll just go ahead and say it's finished.

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A warhammer 40k Fan art illustration of a made up Sister of battle. Called Constance Requia , a champion and paladin of the Order of the martyred Lady 😊. This illutration was done during my Saturday's streams that you can join and watch live both on Youtube,...

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The Raven. 3rd company Raven Guard, holding a relic power sword, calling for a charge with his Relic Power sword. Face loosely based on Sullivan King (for commissions I cannot guarantee likeness, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't).

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Slaanesh is Love, Slaanesh is Life.

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I broke a thousand hearts before I met you I'll break a thousand more baby before I am through


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