Adeptus Mechanicus

Artist: Lewis Jones
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Nov 16, 2021

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Adeptus Mechanicus Artwork
Adeptus Mechanicus by Lewis Jones

The Adeptus Mechanicus

Codex cover

This was done as part of the Warhammer books studio team.

…and my last day as part of that team was infact yesterday. I’ve been in the art department at games workshop for just over five years and it was one of the best places to be as a young illustrator . I’ve learned more there than any place of education thanks to my wonderful colleagues with their advice , encouragement and mentorship. All of them are , and this is no hyperbole, some of the best illustrators in the world ,completely top of their game. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them They’re absolutely incredible and fantastic folk to boot.

On Monday I start a new job as a concept artist for GW’s miniatures department. Plenty more of my illustration work will be coming out for a while longer . Thanks all you folk who’ve made lovely comments on my work when it’s been featured in various places round the internet I see most of it and I appreciate it very very much! ( You’re notoriously a hard crowd to please you hobbyists so I’m extra thankful!).

Copyright games workshop

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