Apotheosis Of Saint Lutiana

Artist: Vukasin Ivkovic
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Feb 13, 2022
Adepta Sororitas ArtworkDaemons & Chaos Artwork
Apotheosis Of Saint Lutiana

Saint Lutiana, Prima Rosa Conventa 841.M39

“In the darkest hour of my life, when I stood upon the brink of peril, there I felt a flicker. A flicker of light that burst into a small flame, barely a distant glimmer. And at first, the flame gasped in the darkness, devoid of life, surrounded by terror. But a moment more and it brimmed with sudden might, it became a raging fire. A fire not of me, but born deep within me. Fiercely did it burn trough my being. And I felt no fear, no sadness. The moment it came i knew what it was, I knew what awaited. My flesh was seized, my spirit lifted and I was basked in the glorious light and eternal love from the divine Emperor. In this profound rapture, I was blessed with knowing, blessed in being one with the everlasting. I felt tears of death and joy, and before I opened my eyes again.. my body died, but I was reborn anew. Now I soar and spread the Emperor’s light, I keep the roaring inferno ablaze. Hear me now, and fear not, all shall bathe in the holy flames, and even though you may not see him, rest assured, he feels our every breath, every little step, every hopeful prayer. He walks with us always. For him and with him in your heart, for the light and glory of the undying Imperium, we march to eternity!

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