Aaron Oborn

Grim Dark Angry Joe

An artwork i did for The AngryJoeShow youtube channel, Thought i would so blood angel colors as Joe himself always plays red.

Grim dark Other Joe

After finishing the painting of Angry Joe i was asked to do a painting of his co-star Other Joe, this one was really fun!

Chaos Champion of the Word Bearers

This guy was a ton of fun to paint, was really inspired by Adrian Smith's fantasy art lately. Wanted to try and capture the feel of some old...

11th Legion Primarch

Just a painting I did for a YouTube channel called one Mind syndicate. Had a blast painting up the Primarch for there custom made 11th Legion idea.

11th Legion

An artwork i did for a youtube channel called One Mind Syndicate and their art competition to create a design for the missing 11th legion from...

World Eater

A painting I started ages ago and decided to finish it with some of the skills i have picked up in the meantime.

The Headhunters

Custom Space Marine Chapter I painted up for a facebook page about a custom chapter called the Headhunters. The Headhunters's Chapter master can...

Nurgle Plague Marine

How can you not love a Plague Marine with a giant mace. I love the idea of plague marines using giant crud weapons Also I made a speed painting...