Blood of the Phoenix

Artist: Igor Sid
(Igor Sidorenko)
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Jun 22, 2023

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Blood of the Phoenix by Igor Sid

Blood of the Phoenix

A new hope rises for the doomed Aeldari race – and though the twisted Drukhari would see it snuffed out, the noble Asuryani seek to save it at any cost. The death cultists known as the Ynnari preach a new truth, but already they are in dire jeopardy. Their high priestess is being hunted by the sinister assassin known as Drazhar. He and his clique of elite mercenaries appear from nowhere to launch their killing strike on the craftworld of Saim-Hann. None save the legendary warrior Jain Zar are skilled enough to stop Drazhar and his Incubi disciples from altering the course of history. So begins a running battle that can end only in tragedy…

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