Crimson Fist Pedro Kantor

Artist: Boris Tsui
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Nov 22, 2017

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Space Marines Artwork
Crimson Fist Pedro Kantor by Boris Tsui

A fun illustration of Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists.

Most of the challenge here was in organising layers and getting used to working with bouncing between layers.

Now the reason for approaching this piece from an organisational stand point was so that I can experiment with which elements to separate out into layers and what parts to keep in one piece. I had to practice this because I found it was very easy for me to become overwhelmed with all the different little details and ornamentation all over his armour.

For Pedro Kantor, I approached him by putting his base armour (basic power armour shapes, so pauldron, backpack, and the suit and integrated weapons) one layer, then the other smaller details (Laurels, gems, belt buckle, etc) on their own separate layers.

These layers only accounted for the “base” onto which other things like the rim light, specular highlights and weathering would go on.

If there was something I would have done differently, it would be to separate out the storm bolter and its ammo belt into their own layers. They were really just elements that were attached on top of his power armour, it would have made painting his left pauldron easier to paint. because I would have the whole pauldron to look at as oppose to one that was partially obscured by the weapon.

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