Golbar Faroom

Artist: Hector Martínez
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Mar 6, 2023
Astra Militarum Artwork
Golbar Faroom

Golbar Faroom


Golbar Faroom. Half-life Black Thumb of the Paradiso Tire Burners. Sole survivor of his regiment, his family, and quite possibly his planet. Rumors of being from “Noble” birth seem to mean little to him in his fanatical devotion to the Emperor, his new Regiment, and his squad mates. He can be focused on the sounds of an ill tuned engine for the amount of time it takes to fix it. New to the 99th Melgovians as a Private he tries to learn their ways and customs, including these mutterings of an Imperial Truth, far different from the Imperial Creed he knows. But having stood beside them he has no doubts about their loyalty to The Emperor. Now his greatest drive is to find old pieces of tech, slay dire enemies, and prove his worth enough to be Witnessed by the Immortan Emperor so he may ride the Highways of Terra, Shiny and Chrome.


Text by the gentleman that commissioned me.

This character is one of 7, forming a diverse campaign RPG party.

There a couple pictures on this post, the first one is Faroom wearing lighter armor, with plates affixed to a soft vest, and the second one a much bulkier chestpiece.

Really enjoyed working on this character… now on to the next…

The Emperor Protects!

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