Ostun 19th Expeditionary Drop Trooper

Artist: Hector Martínez

Aug 26, 2022 | Astra Militarum | 0 comments

Ostun 19th Expeditionary Drop Trooper

Hailing from the civilized world of Ostun, the members of the 19th Ostun Expeditionary Airborne are trained in the highlands of their homeworld to conduct large-scale rapid assaults on all manner of objectives, with their training emphasizing maneuverability and independence highly. Members of the unit must all be volunteers and undergo additional training when compared to other members of the Ostun Expeditionary

The 19th has been formed, alongside hundreds of other regiments from across the Haxan Sector, to fight in the ongoing Haxan Wars against the Chaotic forces of the Inerati Aeturn. As the conflict reaches its conclusion, the 19th has been tasked with being the vanguard force in the reconquest of the Shrine World of Zanthum.

Commission, this an elite unit with top of the line equipment.

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