Harakoni Airdrop

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Nov 19, 2021

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Harakoni Airdrop by Hector Martínez

Harakoni deploy by the hundreds into the heart of the industrial complex, concurrent with ground elements assaulting the outskirts. They are to take and hold critical objectives, disrupt retreating enemy units and pave the way for heavier Harakoni firepower deploying in the second wave.

Sparse flak fire causes some casualties but are within estimates. Enemy airpower is absent, raising eyebrows when paired with reports of meager resistance. The Gryphonian siege took its toll on the defenders, most likely.

Orbital scans show enemy movement in the industrial outskirts, in response to the Harakoni and Gryphonian ground assault. Several enemy fronts are collapsing and falling back deeper into the complex and the nearby mining pits.

All things considered, the area will be retaken ahead of schedule.

The Emperor Protects.

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