Artist: Hector Martínez

Jan 12, 2022 | Astra Militarum | 0 comments


The mustering areas around the fortified industrial heartland swarm with vehicles, artillery and reinforcements. High Command has pulled additional battalions from other battlezones, in anticipation of fierce enemy resistance along the mountain range leading into the mining pits.

Gryphonian commanders are loathe to describe whatever the enemy has been doing up to now as ‘fierce’, and expect to steamroll whatever force the enemy scrap together. Preliminary scouting show little enemy activity, despite orbital scans showing significant heat signatures all along the defensive emplacements.

Artillery strikes are to be used sparingly to preserve the few viable mountain paths.

The taciturn Harakoni have deployed elsewhere, placing heavy Harakoni phalanxes in key positions to act as spearheads in close support of Gryphonian tank companies. Their drop troopers are nowhere to be seen, presumably mounting up in Valkyries for another massive air assault.

Along the line, prayers are held. The attack will commence shortly. If the enemy makes a stand, it will be along the mountain range’s fortresses.

I offer my life to the Emperor, I pray that He accepts it.

I offer my strength to the Emperor, I pray that he redresses it.

I offer my blood to the Emperor, I pray that it quenches His thirst.

I offer my body on the altar of the battlefield, I pray He grants me a noble death.

I pray for His protection, as I offer all that I am.

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