Armor / Vehicle

Throughout the word of Warhammer 40K there are all types or armor and vehicles; from tanks to hover bikes they run the gambit through all the races. Ranging from huge tanks with massive cannons destroying targets from afar to hover bikes that speed through to strike close. This is a collection of various artworks that either feature these or have them in the design.

Order of Our Common Weal

Order of Our Common Weal

Deep within the eastern fringe of Ultima Segmentum, a former Preceptory of the Order of the Valorous Heart have done the unthinkable, and...



caphminipainting's space marine chapter over on instagram. I did some fanart.

Silent King [Necron Lord]

The first pancake is lumpy. My first large-scale work. Probably need to make a series of illustrations with one figure for warm-up. I haven't...

Warhammer 40k Elysian Ork Hunters

Elysian Drop Troops Tauros Venator fast response elements delivered by Sky Talons surveying Ork vehicle wrecks after a successful ambush.

Imperial Fist Assault

This one took a while to finish. I worked on it when I needed a short break during commission work. Started out as a way for me to start using 3d...

Warhammer 40k concept for fun

Been doing some miniature concepts a day for practice, this one I quite liked so thought I would upload it here... some sort of crab like...

Dawn Eagle Captain

Hey all here is another cool illustration I did for fun. Here is a Shield captain on a Dawn Eagle speeder bike from the Warhammer 40k universe!!!

Warhammer 40k Sentinel Ambush

Routine patrol of Elysian Sentinels - 83th Regiment "Skulltakers" turning into a disaster after being ambushed by rouge elements of local PDF...