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May 31, 2021

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Hammerhead by David Gallagher


Vehicles have never been a subject I’ve been enthusiastic about depicting(and some other non figurative subjects), I did this one as I had influenced the design at an early stage- the front of it being based on an F1 car shape, for instance, being the easiest to explain but little details that related to the figure design too, such as the asymmetric offset elements echoing the offset helmet design I conceived for these aliens.

The original image wasn’t blue but a sand colour all over but even this wasn’t my preference, I wanted it to be white or some other single uniform tone to reflect the new sci-fi imagery being introduced but it was decided they should adopt this palette, shortly after this was completed other images had blue skies and this one was altered electronically to fit alongside on the packaging. Looking back at it now with a modest understanding of the electronic medium I would have removed the blue from the actual vehicle but twenty odd years ago I usually left adjustments like this to others as they were beyond my computer skills at the time, not too sure I could manage now more than twenty odd years later but I can cope with basic stuff on an iPad.

Gouache on board

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The source link to this image or reference is no longer working, the URL below is for historical purposes unless I can find a current one.


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