Imperial Fists

Artist: Diego Gisbert Llorens
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Dec 21, 2022
Space Marines Artwork
Imperial Fists

Imperial Fists

Blast from the past! Back in 2013, a private collector from the US approached me, commissioning the one and only traditional piece I have professionally created. He wanted a painted sketch of a space marine, but gave me plenty of freedom otherwise, and this is what I sent him.

Done in acrylics on canvas on board, it was a true joy to paint, and it feels even more relevant taking into account the current landscape of the illustration and concept art world, due to the very questionable situation around AI generated images.

AI has amazing potential. AI art is not art, and prompt typers are not artists. If you want to learn any skill, any whatsoever, get back to basics, don’t look for shortcuts, don’t try to speed things up. You’ll be missing the true essence of it, and perhaps yours as well.

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