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Apr 2, 2023

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Iron Maw by Dmitry Brushray

From the void the Iron Maw comes

Hey everyone! Fresh art for Iron Butchers

This time it’s a ship the warband uses to crusade the galaxy. Plus here is a bit of story content from Iron Butchers public. Please, enjoy.

Captain Heuldrasia was carried on the Command Bridge by her personal servitor. She was cradled in its arms like a baby in the mother’s chest.

The servitor laid the Captain’s mangled body in the Command Throne, and rapidly connected to the ship’s systems, allowing her mind to fuse, once more, with the ship’s Machine Spirit.

Heuldrasia consciousness split in two, one part still aware of her physical surrounding, has communication with the ship’s officers couldn’t be interrupted, while the other sank in the vessel’s core where she met the Machine Spirit again.

The Iron Maw essence was a being born to fire and blood, violence and hate, build 10 Millenia before in the forges of Sarum to serve the XIIth Legion, and as the XIIth Legion she slaughtered out of enjoyment, not only duty.

But the beast as long ago accepted the guiding hand of Heuldrasia nonetheless, and now welcomed the presence of the Captain, for each was of little worth without the other.

The Iron Maw, without her Captain, was only a savage creature, almost impossible to man, while Heuldrasia was, without the Iron Maw, nothing more than a broken, frail husk of a woman,

Together, however, they stalked the void, taking lives as they pleased.

The Iron Butchers were masters of war for what concerned the ground warfare, and they did well in boarding operations too, Heuldrasia had to admit. But breaking planetary defenses from afar, annihilating another vessel, or even just getting close enough to launch boarding torpedoes was not their field of expertise.

In the void, Heuldraisa and the Iron Maw reigned supreme.

The officers communicated to Heuldraisa the position of an approaching vessel, probably another renegade who stalked the Expanse.

“What are the orders” asked Heuldrasia to her officers.

“Lord Vhorrax is eager to get to the destination as soon as possible. No boarding operations, ignore all obstacles of destroy them as soon as possible.

Heuldrasia lips curled.

She grew fond of the skull-collecting use of the Iron Butchers so much that she asked for the boarding teams to bring her the heads of the enemy’s Captain to ornate her Command station with them.

But if orders were to just destroy the ship, of course, there would be no skulls left.

“What a pity…” thought Heuldrasia.

“All guns be ready.” she growled “I want to see their husk aflame within minutes.”

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