Kaldor Draigo

Artist: Zhang Bozi
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Jul 14, 2023

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Kaldor Draigo by Zhang Bozi

Kaldor Draigo

Kaldor Diego wearing the armor of the Gray Knight Terminator. He is armed with a storm bolter, storm shield, frag grenades, armor-piercing grenades, and psionic blast grenades. His primary weapon is a re-forged power sword named the Titan Sword, a master-forged sword that is an extremely powerful anti-demon weapon capable of severely wounding even the most powerful Booms and Dark Lords. Demon Prince of God. Diego eventually became Grand Master of the Gray Knights in early 901 of the 41st Millennium, after the death of the Chapter’s previous Grand Master to the Daemon Primarch Mortarion. One of the first things Diego did as the new Grand Master was to carve the name of his predecessor on Mortarion’s ailing heart – and the Primarch of the Death Guard swore to avenge the dishonor . Author: mountains

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