Daemon Prince

A Daemon Prince is a Human Champion of Chaos who has been elevated to daemonhood as a reward for their actions on the behalf of one of the major Chaos Gods or by the will of Chaos Undivided.


Horus Lupercal - Fratricide

Horus Lupercal – Fratricide

I see my banner has caught some eyes. Emperor: "Horus, where is Sanguinius?" Horus: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fanart of one and only Horace Heresy himself. And...



Commission for Talenthiel; Parsephelos daemon-prince of Slaanesh.



Inspired from reading some of the recent Horus Heresy books to draw the Primarchs. This is my take on Mortarion (who is somewhat out of scale...


"It is all right, brother. In this variant, going first is considered a disadvantage."

40k Daemon Primarchs

"Bro, check out this sick new space-album." *9 hrs of unintelligible shrieking*

Magnus the Red

Illustration made for Saturnine limited edition book, the 4th novel of the Siege of Terra series, published by Black Library. © Copyright Games...

Hours Lupercal – Horus Heresy

Here's a rendition of everyone's favorite bad guy, Horus Lupercal in all his glory. Been binging lore from Luetin09, Wolf Lord Rho and Arch...

Argel Tal!

Always dug this character. Kind of a tragic dude on the chaos side of things, but a total badass.

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Commissions are open https://www.instagram.com/artistpotorochin/ ≈ Do you want your favorite canon characters to appear? Take a look at my...