Kaptin Gud’Krumpin

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Nov 3, 2020

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Kaptin Gud’Krumpin by Orniris Terensi


Original character by @handofmoo

Kaptin Gud’Krumpin is a wealthy Kunnin Ork Freebooter Kaptin mostly found stalking the various systems of the Octaria Sector currently…

Within his huge BattleKroozer fortress ship known as ‘Gorks Jaw’ he leads a very large free- booter fleet that is always on the look for a good Krumpin and Lootin…

He has a personal interest in various species, vehicles and monsters of the galaxy and loves hun- ting them for his collections.

All orks that want the best fighting will flock to Gud’Krumpins banner where ever he makes planet fall.

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