Kheron Ophion

Jan 30, 2021 | Chaos Space Marines

Kheron Ophion

Kheron Ophion, commonly known as “The Coward” within the VIII Legion, was a Line-Captain of the 39th Company of the Night Lords Legion and a member of the Kyroptera during the Horus Heresy. Standing almost as an exceptional figure within a Legion of cutthroats and thieves, Kheron Ophion displayed a level of honour previously unknown within the VIII Legion, a fact many within the Legion saw as an aberration. Ophion’s courage and sense of sacrifice would see him rewarded after the disastrous conclusion of the Thramas Crusade, when he lead his Cruiser, the Shroud of Eventide against the vastly superior forces of the Dark Angels Legion in order to buy his brothers enough time to escape the ambush the I Legion had laid for them. For this sole act of bravery and in absence of their Primarch, Konrad Curze, Kheron Ophion was elevated to the ranks of the Kyroptera.

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