Necron Destroyer

Oct 25, 2021 | Necrons | 0 comments

Necron Destroyer

Hello everyone! Fresh necron fanart here.

I love to paint necrons they are one of my favourite fractions. Every time I come back to necron fanart it’s such a joy as I know the time will be spent with a great pleasure!

To that now it’s a struggle of choose between to paint and to read book. I started The Infinite and The Divine and the book is super interesting though it takes a great amount of time to read it in English. I feel this story would give a great kick to my imagination and I will paint some illustrations about it.
When I have an inspirations the painting process swallows me and I spend hours adding details thinking how necrons would look like in real. I’m fond of realism, of a persuasive picture featuring details and light. Though I still have much to learn because I feel I could do much better. I hope the time and opportunity will be given to me to sharpen my skills and to entertain you with new great art.

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