Armaguerra, Berserker Terminator Champion

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Feb 27, 2022

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Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Armaguerra, Berserker Terminator Champion by Dmitry Brushray

Armaguerra, Berserker Terminator Champion

Hey everybody! Today I have a special artwork for you. The image isn’t just a random chaos space marine.

He’s an Iron Warrior of a special Warband (the Iron Butchers)

Please, visit to pay respect and to see more:

They are an alliance of Iron Warriors and World Eaters. The Iron Warriors are also followers of Khorne and this one is in particular really zealous about Khorne.

He wears a Terminator Indomitus pattern armour with Mark III helmet. The left arm is equipped with a chain fist and the other arm is equipped with a Kai-gun.

If you like the image and looking for something similar you can commission my art I’m open for projects and happy to paint something for you:
★ Art Links, Prints, Commission info: Feel free to visit.

Art is really time and effort consuming. It’s not my regular work and besides patreon and some occasional commissions it doesn’t bring me any income.
Some support on Patreon: would really help me to pay more attention to art and to give your more fresh art.

Thank you! Have fun!

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