The Megatherion

Artist: Dmitry Brushray
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May 5, 2022
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The Megatherion

Hey everyone!

Today I want to show you something special. In collaboration with

Iron Butchers I’ve painted a birth of the monstrous engine created by the Dark Mechanicum. Here is a brief description about the artwork:

Warsmith Vhorrax Immanibus, leader of the Iron Butchers, contemplates the birth of the monstrous daemon engine baptized “the Megatherion”.

Crafted by the combined efforts of the Dark Mechanicum and the Warband’s Warpsmiths, the Megatherion is a knight-sized monstrosity inhabited by not one, but dozens of daemons.

The destruction that it can release on the battlefield is so overwhelming that even the Khornate Marines dare to unleash it only when all the other weapons are proved inadequate.

I hope you enjoy the art. If you want to know more about Iron Butchers, please visit

I’m open for art commissions and happy to paint something for you.

For more details PM/DM me or visit:

You may support me:

Soon will be more art!

Have fun! Cheers!

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