Skhraal, a Master of Executions

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Jul 26, 2022

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Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Skhraal, a Master of Executions by Dmitry Brushray

Hey everyone! Today is a new art depicting a member of Iron Butchers warband. So here is a small story behind the character. Skhraal is a World Eater serving as Master of Executions and Warband’s Champion within the Iron Butchers. Skhraal, also named “Skullface” due to an ancient wound given by a Raven Guard that took off his nose, is considered one of, if not the best, swordman in the Warband. During the passing millennia, Skhraal become more and more favoured by Khorne, until a powerful Neverborn named Skarr’dragha willingly fused with his armour, to share the bloodshed that Skhraal brings to the battlefield.
Skhraal armour is now a dreadful thing twisted by the daemon who inhabits it: mouths and teeth sprouting from the armour, drinking the blood spilled by the World Eater’ victims. Skhraal brandishes two black weapons: the chainaxe Flesh Mangler and the sword Bone Carver, crafted by the Warband’s Warpsmiths and containing a shard of a powerful Khornate daemon blade whose real origin is unknown.

I hope you enjoy the art. If you want to know more about Iron Butchers, please visit


I’m open for art commissions and happy to paint something for you.

For more details PM/DM me or visit:

Soon will be more art!

Have fun! Cheers!

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