Experimental Prototype

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Jan 28, 2022

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Adeptus Mechanicus Artwork
Experimental Prototype by Dmitry Brushray

Experimental Prototype

Hey everybody! More AdMech here.

I love plasma guns so I wanted to paint a tech priest with an experimental sample of middle sized plasma for light-armored vehicles.

The final image looks like a color pict taken on some  old camera with distortions and glitch effects.

I was also thinking to write a small passage in Imperial report style but unfortunately am not that good at writing.

Free Hi-res and without distortion effects is here

You may also help and support me there as painting takes a lot of time and efforts and not always profits back.

Mostly I paint on enthusiasm and passion  for drawing but still have basic needs. Every spare coin helps me a lot to worry less about how to live and concentrate more on art.

I also have a website. ★ Art Links, Prints, Commission info: artbrushray.epizy.com/ Feel free to visit it will also help.

Have fun and stay healthy!
Thank you!

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