World Eater: Culsu

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May 13, 2022

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Chaos Space Marines Artwork
World Eater: Culsu by Dmitry Brushray

Culsu, a World Eater Chaos Lord second-in-command of the Iron Butchers Warband.

Hey everyone! We keep exploring chaos space marines topic. Today’s character is a lord of custom warband Iron Butchers. Culsu, also known as Black Culsu, Culsu the Black or the Black Bane, is a World Eater Chaos Lord second-in-command of the Iron Butchers Warband.
Culsu has been once a Legio Destroyer Marine, suffering a bone cancer that sickened him after the Horus Heresy. During a duel in a fighting pit against another World Eater, Culsu had his left arm ripped off, and his skull crushed, but still managed to survive. Khorne was so impressed by Culsu’s resistance that blessed him, making his sick skeletal system slowly re-growing with a warp-forged metal.

With the passing centuries, Culsu’s skeleton slowly fused with the augmented eye and bionic arm that replaced the tissue lost in the fight. The arm finally mutated in a dreadful talon, directly connected with Culsu’s living flesh. Since than, the Cusu has forever abandoned any other kind of close combat weapon. I hope you enjoy the art. If you want to know more about Iron Butchers, please visit 

I’m open for art commissions and happy to paint something for you.
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Have fun! Cheers!

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