Enemies Of The Imperium

Artist: Kai Lim
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Dec 12, 2020

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Enemies Of The Imperium by Kai Lim

Only War: Enemies Of The Imperium

© Games Workshop

Hi all! This was a cover done early this year for Fantasy Flight Games’ Only War: Hammer Of The Emperor. Big shout out to Zoe Robinson and Andrew at FFG for helping to produce this

RED BITZ GO FASTER but they ran out so they’re taking this nice and slow. I wanted it to feel like a WW2 beach landing, and recall being really inspired by HBO’s The Pacific and its fantastic visuals. I thought it a good idea and a interesting change of setting to place them on some bleached out sandy terrain, so the starkness of the surroundings would naturally help support the visual impact of the nobz and meganob.

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