Primaris Lieutenant Eothrus

Artist: Ivan Lopez

Apr 7, 2021 | Space Marines | 0 comments

Primaris Lieutenant Eothrus

Last personal work I’ve been working in for a while now.

I’ve always wanted to do something related with my favourite board game Warhammer 40k. I did all the sculpting, hard surface modelling in blender, texturing, shading and also I did a full operational rigging and I might have some future ideas to use all of this work in the future.

Eothrus is a Primaris Lieutenant that has his own story and I wanted to think and imagine how he looked like. For some reason I couldn’t think in anyone else but my father as this character, so I did him in 3d with a new hair style smiling_face

For the environment, I used some assets that I did for previous personal projects and added a bit more details here and there.

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