Prophet of Damnation

Artist: TD-Vice
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Mar 12, 2022
Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Prophet of Damnation

Prophet of Damnation

This veteran Word Bearer had seen a thousand wars. Enslaved dozens of weaker souls, wrecked havoc on the weakining, anti-human Imperium of Man – and defied his own mortality in the process. He is the Prophet of Damnation, the Herald of the Dark Powers, death incarnate.

Well, what can I say. This has been a long ride – I started this picture about a year ago, dropped it in a very raw state, and recently returned to it now.

This is the pinnacle, the apotheosis of my soulless technical skill at the moment. Am I happy? I’m pretty fucking happy. Now will suffer from carpal tunnel syndrom, but finally I’ve been able to achieve the quality of official Games Workshop artwork, as I see it. Maybe it’s a delusion, but then, who knows.

There are flaws to the work that were inherit to it, but then, if there are no flaws, there is no improvement to them. It’s also the first work where I used so many lightsources and tried to render them all realistically.

This is what I do. A signature work. Not funny, not entertaining, but a display of das qualitat.


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