Quintos – Scythes of the Emperor

Artist: Veronica Anrathi
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Jan 16, 2021
Space Marines Artwork
Quintos – Scythes of the Emperor

OC belongs to Fred Bolduc. Captain Quintos of the Scythes of the Emperor is a true Orphan of the Kraken. As a Neophyte, he witnessed the destruction of Sotha and Miral Prime. He was later assigned to the 21st Salvation Team under the command of Sergeant Tiresias, where they were scavenging dead bio ships for supplies and artifacts. Through the years, he made a name for himself by his keen initiative and bravery, learning fast to adapt to this new way of war and fighting against the odds. As the Scythes were slowly rebuilding themselves, he was eventually promoted as captain. And later on, he transferred to the Deathwatch to share his experience as an expert in Tyranid guerrilla war and also to learn new tactics from other chapters for the benefit of his own chapter. Due to the massive amount of damages he suffered during his life, Quintos is incased in his terminator armour. He is also equipped with the distinctive symbols of the Scythes, a fearsome skull mask in honour of their Chapter master and Barabas Dantioch. His legendary power scythe carries the name Kraken’s Bane and has killed countless tyranids.

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