Salamanders: Firedrake

Artist: Jacob T Loren

Dec 22, 2020 | Space Marines | 0 comments

Salamanders: Firedrake

The Space marines of the Salamander Chapter were notorious in their zeal. Of course to the emperor, like us all, but in particular their lust for fire has lost them nearly as many battles as it has won. Several accounts stating the curiosity of whole platoons abandoning well fortified positions, in order to stand amidst the blaze of smoldering heretics and battle brothers all alike, all the while being surrounded by their enemies to be promptly, and heatedly, wiped out.

Why? For the glory of Vulkan, without doubt, though I like to believe that it’s because there is a spark of flame inside them all, and being closer to the fire is like being among family and friends… and to smell the burning of course.

CC Games Workshop

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