Schola Progenium

Artist: Felix Tisch
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Mar 23, 2023
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Schola Progenium

Schola Progenium

Last year I got to be part of the visual development of Cubical 7 new Warhammer 40k TTRPG Imperium Maledictum. The goal was to infuse the visual style of the 40k universe with the gritty and gloomy feel of noir.

It was quite fun to explore spaces and themes that aren’t always very visible in 40k media. Tim Huckelbery was of great help. Good Designing a Scholam feels funny because the mismatched levels of technology are so high! I liked how this turned out.

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Hey, I'm trying to find the artist of this work. If you know who its from or an idea, please send me a message. If you know their website or portfolio, that would be awesome.

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