Skitarii Cohort

Skitarii Cohort

The Skitarii are the cyborg armies of the Adeptus Mechanicus and its primary military force alongside the Collegia Titanica and Cult Mechanicus Battle Congregations.

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Warhammer 40k Visual KV Design

Warhammer 40k Visual KV Design

The empire is a hive of activity here, with torpedo gunboats shuttling between medieval Gothic buildings and a handful of intergalactic warrior carriers anchored in the distance. In the middle stands a double - headed eagle, a little sacred.

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Gotta love Defilers. Illustration for the new Dark Millennium cards. ©2005 Sabertooth Games/Games Workshop

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A pair of Skitarii guarding the precious knowledge of the Omnissiah from outsiders

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Inktober 2021. Day 26. Connect.

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