Space Wolves: Leman Russ

Artist: Stefan Ristić
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Nov 11, 2020
Space Marines Artwork
Space Wolves: Leman Russ

Space Wolves: Leman Russ

Well shit, more I worked on this more i felt bad about it.

Sure he wasn’t stable in the sketch… i tried to fix that…

somehow, cant recall how(real good).

But oh well, can’t say I learned much on this one. But I want to draw all them primarchs.. Biting more then I can chew kinda thing.

Anyways, behold Leman Russ, the Wolf King.

Biggest badass in the astrates.

Now that is arguable I know. BUT!

My opinion of the savage is faltering, lately I’ve been burning through some wh30k books, and currently im on Thousand Sons.

Must say, that I rather respect Magnus more.

For Wolves are the best in the field of slaying, and just that, they are an unstoppable genocidal machine but I rather prefer the Thousand Sons. For their search of knowledge suits me more then pure close minded genocide.

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